Menstrual Cup Guide
Menstrual Cup Guide

                       Why a Reusable Menstrual Cup Is a Better Alternative


A good number of ladies hate their end month or rather that day when they have to battle with the periods. The pain and the discomfort ladies have to endure at this time make them hate this period. The most annoying scenario is when the lady is caught unaware, no menstrual Pads or when she cannot get to the shop to buy new tampon.


A menstrual cup is an alternative and a better products to use at this time. A cup once filled only require a clean wash. That means it can be reused over and over again unlike other menstrual products such as sanitary pads and tampons.


Choosing a good Reusable Menstrual Cup is good when you go shopping. This will make sure the cup can be used for a number of time before it usefulness come to an end. There are many cups to find in the market and choosing the reusable menstrual cup is really important. Lena menstrual cups is among those best cups that you can buy. Designed with every lady in mind, lena cups give every lady the comfort she need during the period.


If the shop next to you has no lena menstrual cup, you can try lunette menstrual cups. These are equal cups to lena but a different brand. To find more about lunette cups, click here now.


Now, what makes a reusable menstrual cup good? Or what can you do to enjoy using a reusable menstrual cup? Here are a few things that you must know when using a menstrual cup. Look for more facts about menstruation at


First, it is good to know that size of the cup matter. This is not the time to rush to the shop and pick any cup just like you pick a sanitary towel. To have maximum comfort, it is good when you have a cup of your size. To learn more about cup sizes, go here now.


If you are the kind that have a challenge staying clean, a reusable menstrual cup is not for you. Before reusing this cup it is good to make sure it is well cleaned. And not just the cup, you also need to be clean. Failure to do this, be prepared to struggle with infections during and after the menses.


Just like you change a tampon after a few hours, you will empty the cup also, but this time it may take longer depending with the cup you are using. Generally, menstrual cup at can hold more than the usual tampon and pads.